Kids Party Theme: Halloween Party Ideas and Tips

Kids Party Theme: Halloween Party Ideas and Tips

Halloween which is also known as All Hallows’ Eve is celebrated each year on the 31st of October. It has always been very popular in the United States of America and United Kingdom, and nowadays it’s becoming more and more popular in Australia. In addition, Halloween makes an awesome Kids Party Theme.

On the night of Halloween children usually dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating, from house to house in their neighbourhood. For safety, it is recommended that adults accompany their children as they knock on peoples’ doors asking for treats. When the door is opened, children say “Trick or Treat” and in return they are given treats such as candy or sometimes money, by the home owner.

As a home owner, try to be prepared with a bowl of treats so as to not disappoint the adorably dressed little ones that come knocking at your front door. Sometimes you might be lucky and the child may perform some sort of trick for you as thanks for your treat, such as singing you a song or telling you a joke.

Halloween Kids Party Theme

Traditional Halloween costumes include ghosts, witches, devils, skeletons and monsters etc. However, now people dress up in all types of costumes such as superheroes, tv, movie, fairytale or storybook characters, celebrities etc. Adults also enjoy dressing up for Halloween as it helps bring us back to the fun of our childhood.

Around the time of Halloween, a lot of people throw Halloween Themed Parties and decorate their home accordingly. Halloween as a Kids Party Theme is actually quite easy to organise and a lot of fun for you, your child and your guests.

Activities you can do for your child’s Halloween Theme Party can include telling ghost stories and watching horror movies (for young children, you can put on Scooby Doo movies). I came across the following video that gives some more really fun, quick and easy Halloween Party Ideas for Food and Games for Kids.


Hope you enjoyed watching the video as much as I did.

In order to make the ice hand it is recommended that you put punch into a non latex, non powdered glove to freeze. Once frozen, just remove the glove and you’ve yourself an ice hand to put in your punch. The reason why you use a non latex, non powdered glove is to avoid any latex allergies for your guests, plus powder in the punch doesn’t taste nice. In addition you use punch instead of water to freeze, so that when the ice hand melts the punch bowl content is not diluted by water. I also recommend to peel the grapes first as they would feel more like “eyes”.

Our website has all the Party Supplies that you require for an awesome Halloween Party. Your child will love it!!

Have you organised a Halloween Kids Theme Party for your child before and/or are you in the process of planning one for your child? What is the most fun thing about your Kid’s Halloween Themed Party?

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