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Maria-TranWho I Am

Firstly, thank you for visiting Magical Kids Parties.

My name is Maria (Hoang) Tran. I am a mother of three beautiful children; my eldest son Xavier is 5 years old, my daughter Genevieve is 3 years old and my youngest son Joshua is 4 months old. I’m also a proud aunty of two gorgeous nephews and one beautiful niece.

For five years now, I’ve thrown many many parties for the children in my family, inclusive of Christenings, Birthdays etc., and I absolutely love Planning and Organising Kids Theme Parties for them.

What I Do

With this website I hope to make Planning and Organising your Kids Theme Party a breeze for you, by eliminating all the hassles and stress that comes with it.

I wish to help you create magical moments for your child and save you time and money, by providing you with a one-stop-online-party-shop, where you can get everything you need for your Kids Theme Party. We stock an extensive range of great quality Boutique as well as Licensed Children’s Party Supplies, at excellent prices.

The awesome and magical Themed Party that you planned and organised with ease for your child, will be etched in his/her memory forever. In addition, your child’s and guests’ smiles, joy, laughter and excitement will be priceless, and the important thing of course, is that you get to enjoy it all too!!!

Why I Do It

I used to be so frustrated and stressed out when trying to plan and organise parties for my children, especially Themed Parties, as most websites and local stores only have a very limited range and quantity of Kids Theme Party Supplies. Also, there are not many actual local stores available either.

I spent hours searching practically all the internet websites and many days going from one party store to the next, with not much luck in getting all that I needed to complete my Kids Party Theme. Plus when you have young children, it’s extremely difficult to drag them out shopping for Childrens Party Supplies with you.

In addition, admist all the running around, I found out on the party day that I had forgotten to do too many things which were needed in order to have the “perfect” party for my little ones.

Hence I created this website so that you can shop in the comfort of your own home, and get all the Childrens Party Supplies you require for your Kids Theme Party (we stock both boutique and licensed Childrens Party Supplies), without having to go through all the hassles and stress I had to go through with my own Kids Theme Parties.

I also hope that you find the information on my website of benefit to you, when you are Planning and Organising your Childrens Theme Party.

How To Connect With Me

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Creating Magical Moments for your Child.